Right of withdrawal

For all the distance contracts or contract proposal that is to say all negotiations which take place outside the shops, the consumer has the right to back down within 14 working days without any penalty and without specifying the reason.

The right of withdrawal takes place by sending within the terms a written communication to Zetasassi Srl through a registered letter with return receipt.

The Consumer may inform Zetasassi Srl also through a fax, mail, telegram within the terms and it must be followed by a registered letter with return receipt sent within the following 48 hours.

The registered letter can be considered as sent if it is delivered to the postal office within legal term.

The return receipt is not the only evidence for the withdrawal right.

In case of reception of the goods the consumer must send it back.

The goods has to be sent back within 14 working days after the receipt.

The goods is considered sent back whet it is delivered to the forwarder or to the postal office.

To claim the withdrawal right the goods has not to be damaged.

The only expenses for the consumer are those linked to the return of the goods.

In respect of all the above conditions the consumer has the right to have back the money including that given as deposit.

The refund has to take place for free and within 30 days from the receipt of the goods or after having informed that there is the will to send it back.

In case the payment took place with bills not yet collected they have to be sent back.

It does not exist any limit of refund of the paid money in case the consumer claims for his right of withdrawal.