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    Directable rotary tensioner
    from $18.20
    The rotary tensioner type Orient works as a fixed device and inside there are neither halical springs nor elastomers . ORIENT with boring or threading ( boring or threading on demand).

The rotary tensioner type Orient works as a fixed device and inside there are neither halical springs nor  elastomers .
Its main characteristic is the fact that it is possible to orient it before or after you assemble it in case the belt or the chain need  tension correction .
All that is possible thanks to a  toothing located on the base and on the lever which allows you to assemble them at every rotation of 15°degrees for all 360° degrees.
This means that you can have 24 positions between the base and the lever and the anti-rotation buttonhole allows you to be precise.
These two parts are made of a high- strength  aluminium alloy :
The base has 6  threaded holes for the rotary fastening of the lever, one for the fastening of itself, one  anti-rotation buttonhole to assemble it on the  frame ( or  plane) where there is the belt or the chain that has to be tightened .
Everything is fixed through a central hole made to the frame and to the anti-rotation buttonhole.
We realized  an hexagon for standard wrench so it is enough to release the anti-rotation buttonhole and  rotate the entire element.
The lever has 8 holes to have a varying fastening to the body and a hole to assemble the pulley or the idler sprocket or the polyethylene head.
At every 15° degrees  two holes of the base correspond to the ones located on the lever so using two  standard screws you can assemble the tensioner.
This aspect makes it a versatile product that can be used in many situations and it allows you also to have different solutions as far as the overall dimensions and positions.
The lack of synthetic material makes the type ORIENT able to work at a temperature up to more than 130°C degrees( type ORIENT-P with a polyethylene head can reach a temperature up to 80°C degrees).
If you do not need an automatic tensioner It represents a good solution to overall dimensions,  position on the machinery and weakening of the belt/chain.
The range can be:
ORIENT with hole 6,5 ( boring or threading on demand).
ORIENT-R with idler sprocket .
ORIENT-P with a polyethylene 1000 
UHMW head and with a dynamic friction factor that  is 0,06 dry steel.

ORIENT-PUG with a rim pulley and protections.
ORIENT-PU with pulley ( on our catalogue you can find pulleys made of different materials and in different measures).