Products Drive chain and belt tensioners:D) GA

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    Adjustable chain tensioner
    Light alloy body and tensioning head made of PE1000 UHMW. For chain 3/8 06B1 - 1/2 08B1 - 5/8 10B1 - 3/4 12B1 Simple



Adjustable tensioners are devices that allow you to keep the right drive chain tension so it can lasts longer.

They recover  the chain stretching thanks to the adjustments made by the worker. By this way you can avoid noises and vibrations due to the chain slackening.

Type TF and GA have light alloy body and tensioning head made of PE1000 UHMW. 

They have a light alloy body that for its sturdiness is perfect for that use.

On the body we set up a tensioning head made of anti-seize plastic material with low friction coefficient ( Polyethylene 1000 dynamic friction coefficient 0,06 dry steel). They resist to a temperature up to 65° C. The type TF heads have many shapes  and the wear and tear is almost zero. They are available also for ISO and ASA simple, double and triple chains. 

The type GA is firmly  riveted to the base. The reduced weight and size make this product a good compromise where you need those features. 

They are set up one by one by skilled staff to get the best quality control. The high quality materials, the workmanship and the components tolerance made with our CNC machinery allow the product to work perfectly and have a very long life expectancy .

The simple functioning and good price make this product an economical, practical and safe one. 

The type TF is available in various sizes according to the customer’s needs.