Happy Birthday Sassi!

Happy Birthday Sassi!

Parma, 2 June 2017 - Happy Birthday Sassi!

70 years

48 years of true, Made in Italy craftsmanship!

Today.... the keystone

It was the year 1947: while unified Italy was celebrating the first anniversary of the Republic and enjoying the benefits of individual freedom, a young couple (she Rina – he a “young Partisan”, only later father Sassi) were rejoicing over the birth of baby Giuseppe, today Sassisenior.

The post-war generation was born with optimism in their blood, hope in their veins, confidence in their hearts and curiosity in their eyes, in addition to an insatiable and stubborn altruism towards others.

This describes Sassi very well, yet there is more and to convey the nature of his soul we start from a quotation: "That generation, the generation of the partisans (.....) actively looked for work’"[1]

Sassi is indeed the spokesman for a silent legacy that is all about an attitude towards work and sense of discovery that in the present seems to be devoid of value. 

But we are here, Zetasassi® is here, all of us ready to remember and assert that the future belongs to those who started it - and there is no better way to speak out for that legacy than by working on a new product.

Today we are launching a new model of rotary tensioner completely in stainless steel. We wish to do it on the occasion of the celebrations in the Sassi home, 70 years, 48 years of craftsmanship and the 35th anniversary[2] of the TC (rotary tensioner, patented in 1982, which uses coil springs invented by Sassi senior): Happy Birthday Sassi!, we dedicate to you the new TC-SS, our TC product revisited with new characteristics and enhancements that today make it the subject of industrial property protection. 

Every man boasting 70 candles on his birthday cake has the right to change status, voice his opinion and do precisely what he wants when he wants.

Although Sassi has passed on the torch he is still here, in the company, as someone who can be consulted and relied on, because this is exactly what he wants to do: enjoy himself in his beloved world of industrial engineering.

He is as prolific as ever with his insights and like every gladiator he is viscerally tied to his Colosseum: Parma.

This is where the new generation is starting from, and the double-digit turnover growth[3] of the last five years means an imminent move to a second branch 5km away from the first one, to a new plant 3 times larger than the current one, which will become a warehouse and the lab for new projects bearing the name of Sassi, the only true technicians that our company has ever had…..a family that loves its tensioners and its products as if they were living and animated objects. 

The torch is now in our hands and with the spirit of those leading a battle in the name of a truer, fairer world and with the determination to enjoy the sweet and unmistakeable flavour of living life and running risks, we shout our anthem "the future belongs to those who started it, in the end an imitation will always be just an imitation, while the original encompasses the past, the present and the future....!" 


Happy birthday Sassi, Happy birthday Dad 

Parma, 2 June 2017 


also on behalf of the Zetasassi® team

[1] - source: “La Repubblica” archive, 24/07/1997 – La Generazione del dopoguerra! ("The Post-war Generation!)

[2] - We also want to acknowledge the 36th anniversary of the TO, the linear tensioner patented in 1981: on its 35th anniversary (2016) we launched the TO-SS INOX, the TO product now manufactured completely in stainless steel.

[3] - We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients, who believe in Zetasassi®: it is thanks to you that we can achieve unthinkable results and set ambitious goals.