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tenditori automatici per catene e cinghie



Power transmission parts from 1979!   Made in Italy!

 You can trust us  in time...

Specialists in tensioning and protecting your transmissions.

Fine artisanal quality Made in Italy

Leaders in the sector since 1979

Since 1979 the name Sassi has symbolized design and manufacture of products devoted to tensioning and protecting transmissions in Italy and throughout the world.

Since then, it has continued to grow and innovate, maintaining its classical  line of the highest quality and offering a complete range of services from design and production through  technical assistance all the way to prompt delivery at all times.

Early in the 90s the company name became PMZ-SASSI, and it held many patents in the mechanical field.  We are the first in Italy and third worldwide in the construction and design of tensioning systems for the transmissions of industrial machines in general. In this catalogue we present the various lines of tensioners, chain tensioners, belt tensioners, torque limiters, axial limiters, automatic lubricators and adjustable cams.

All these products are manufactured directly in Italy in the original  lathe shop owned by the Sassi family, where industrial machinery and equipment  are designed and produced.We are proud to claim over 40 years’ experience in mechanical constructions in general.

The versatility and high quality of our products has always distinguished us on the market and it is thanks to our vast warehouses that we are able to fill  orders for any quantity in less than 12 hours from receipt of the order.

As direct manufacturers, and having our  raw material suppliers in Italy, we can alter products in the catalogue to meet special requests or create new ones to measure for every need, with very high quality control.

We feel it is important to stress that you will find here only ORIGINAL ZETASASSI™ material Made in Italycreated from our ideas and developed together with you. Indeed, all our products are branded ZETASASSI™, and that is  synonymous with quality, long life and service.

An imitation is never anything but an imitation,

the original contains the past, the present and the future.

We create reliability that lasts and that means savings 

.... often imitated but never equaled!

Italian excellence always at your side and at your service

Giuseppe Sassi

Lorenzo Sassi 

Tensioners are devices  used to take up any slack and maintain the correct tension of the transmission. They may be automatic or fixed, linear or rotary; in all cases, however, they are adjustable.  The automatic mechanisms may consist of springs or rubber elastomers.The purpose of a tensioner, in addition to picking up the slack in  the transmission, is to prevent vibrations, noise and possible breakage of the transmissions. The advantages of its use include: absence of maintenance, better transmission performance, less wear of parts and thus longer lasting transmissions.

All this makes the use of tensioners  advantageous from the technical as well as cost savings standpoint.

The bases of our tensions may be constructed in a range of materials: plastic, aluminum, aluminum alloys, in some cases completely machined from solid, also in AISI 304L/316L, or to customers’ requests in any type of material.

The compound we use the most in die-casting is a special alloy of aluminum that is extremely sturdy, with antiseize properties. It actually boasts a tensile strength of 440MPa, while most aluminum compounds have tensile strength around 240 MPa; if we consider that the iron most widely and commonly used is FE360, which has a tensile strength of 360MPa, we can say that our alloy is ideal for this type of application, and is decisive above all for the long life of the product in any situation 

All our materials are machined directly in our workshop using numerical control machines.

Tensioners can also be used as pressing units, shock absorbers, stabilizers and regulator/tensioners of rollers for belts, etc.